Friday 2 March 2018

The Beast from the East

That's what the media is calling this current bout of bad weather.

For the last few days icy cold snow showers have been blowing in from the east and there is now a considerable amount of snow lying on the ground. Give the weather forecasters their due, they foretold this bad spell about a week in advance.

There was (and still is at the time of this post) an amber weather warning in force over north east England. Boulmer, about 2 miles north up the coast from Alnmouth, has featured in the national news as having snow 21 cm deep.

Snow or not, the dog still needs a good walk every day. As chance would have it, I've also been informed that I am not needed at work due to the bad weather.

Some shots of Alnmouth beach (south side) from the morning of 28th February 2018:

Alnmouth estuary.

Chocolate Labrador on an icy Church Hill, Alnmouth.
An icy Church Hill, overlooking Alnmouth.

The road between High Buston and Shilbottle.
Ruined chapel overlooking Alnmouth estuary.

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