Saturday, 25 July 2015

Leeds Trains

I was travelling from Leeds to Newcastle recently when news came over the public address system that my train had been delayed by half an hour.

With half an hour to kill at Leeds Station I grabbed my camera and took some shots of whatever passed my vantage point. 

I didn't set out with the intention of photographing First TransPennine Express's Class 185 Pennine Desiros, but there was just so many of them passing by. There were also several different types of Northern Rail DMU, a CrossCountry Class 220 Voyager and a couple of Virgin Trains East Coast sets terminated their services in platform 7 opposite.

The Virgin Trains East Coast electric locomotive shown, 91132, is the same vehicle that was powering the trains involved in the Hatfield and Selby rail accidents. The locomotive was hauling the Hatfield train and propelling the Selby train.

These photos were taken from the western end of platform 8 at around midday on 23rd July 2015:

CrossCountry Trains Unknown Class 221 Voyager.

First TransPennine Express 185108.

First TransPennine Express 185121.

First TransPennine Express 185125.

First TransPennine Express 185126.

First TransPennine Express 185132.

First TransPennine Express 185133.

Northern Rail 144005.

Northern Rail 144015.

Northern Rail 150148.

Northern Rail 158853 and 155341.

Northern Rail 158853.

Virgin Trains East Coast 43302.

Virgin Trains East Coast 91132

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