Thursday, 2 July 2015

Beamish Open Air Museum

It has been a while since I last visited Beamish, the North of England Open Air Museum.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, for a venue with the sole purpose of preserving the past, it hasn't actually changed that much in the decade since my last visit.

The museum is set over 300 acres of well-manicured County Durham countryside, standing on the A693 between Stanley and West Pelton. It is dotted with lovingly recreated buildings, artefacts and situations from the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

The £18 for a Beamish Unlimited pass was money well spent. The pass lasts for a whole year, so I should be able to return for some more photographs soon.

The few photos I did manage to take barely scratched the surface of what's there!

Beamish baker's shop.

Beamish baker's shop.

Beamish band stand.

Beamish Barclays Bank cashier.

Beamish Barclays Bank manager's office.

Beamish tree blossom.

Beamish blue bus.

Beamish colliery railway sidings.

Beamish Colman's Mustard sign.

Beamish Co-operative shop keeper.

Beamish Co-operative wall poster.

Beamish Co-operative shelves.

Beamish dentist's surgery.

Beamish school Empire produce display.

Beamish Home Farm goose.

Beamish Home Farm goose.

Beamish green tram.

Beamish Hall's Distemper sign.

Beamish hardware shop Empire produce.

Beamish hardware shop shelves.

Beamish historical radio repair van.

Beamish railway station (from eastern end footbridge).

Beamish railway station goods siding.

Beamish railway station locomotive shed.

Beamish railway station from western end.

Beamish railway station goods siding and loco shed.

Beamish railway station (from western end footbridge).

Beamish railway station warning sign.

Beamish red bus.

Beamish red tram.

Beamish railway signal box levers.

Beamish railway station luggage trolleys.

Beamish railway station ticket office.

Beamish railway station ticket window.

Beamish Tuck's Postcards sign.

Beamish miner's cottage vegetable plot.

Beamish Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pen sign.

Beamish Barclays Bank and Masonic Hall external.

Beamish street sign.

Beamish Barclays Bank cashier.

Beamish telegraph post.

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